Head Shots for Darren

by Harlan, January 31, 2016

These photographs arise out of the 52 Week Photography Challenge. The assignment for week four of this popular photography project is a head shot.

Completing this assignment on time was going to be a challenge. (I suppose that’s one of the reasons the project is in fact called a “challenge.”) I hadn’t had a chance to see another person for over a week during daylight hours, due to the winter storm and the fact that I live alone. And for the few people I did see, it may not have been the best opportunities to ask for a short photography session.

Maybe they would have understood.

But this weekend, I visited a long-time friend, Darren. He recently purchased a remote control quadcopter drone for aerial photography, and I was looking forward to the chance to get my hands on the controls. So I convinced him to help me participate as a subject for my week four assignment.

By the time we got back from flying the quadcopter in an empty field, the sun was already well on its way towards the horizon, leaving soft light coming into the brightest room in his house. The window had a white covering that softened the light even further.

The equipment used on this mission included my trusty Canon 5D Mark III and the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM. That’s it. I wanted my aperture at f/4.0, so I set other exposure settings to match. 1600 ISO is the highest setting I like to use for color photography, and the camera’s own metering system gave me 1/80s for the shot with Darren facing away from the light and 1/125s for the shot in the opposite position.



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