Middlesex County Fair

by Harlan, September 7, 2014

Last month, I heard the carnival was in town for the Middlesex County Fair. It was a Saturday, and I had some time and my camera, so I ventured onto the farms of East Brunswick, New Jersey to see the scents and smell the sights. There was quite a bit of both.

I apologize to the two barkers who asked me to take their photograph as I walked by their carnival game with a big lens draped around my neck. I had already passed them by the time I realized they were talking to me.

On display at the fair was fine arts and crafts of all types, many of which had been judged by an expert panel to be exceptional. There was more homemade art related to Doctor Who than I would have expected. One of the more memorable examples was a drawing of Disney’s Little Mermaid, swimming at the bottom of the ocean, approaching the TARDIS. Whatever inspires you! Of interest to geek culture as well, a faithful needlepoint representation of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda start screen was impressive.

The Middlesex County Fair is all about the rides, games, food, and animals. I captured some of that digitally, though looking back, I could have done more, as always. Spending time at the county fair reminded me of the times I went to the New York State Fair with my family as a kid, and perhaps that it why I decided to do something a little different with these photographs. For at least one of my trips to the New York State Fair, I had a camera, and some of the memories live on as faded color prints.

Generally, I try to to create images that are somewhat faithful to life, but it’s sometimes fun to use photography to evoke an emotion, even if that emotion is nothing more than nostalgia. So that’s where I was heading with these photographs, and why they don’t resemble most of my other work.

A print of the first photograph below is available for purchase.



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    • Shari Landes
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    • September 7, 2014

    You've successfully managed to evoke those memories -- for me, too. Thanks Harlan.

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