New Orleans in Black and White

by Harlan, August 24, 2013

About a week ago, I visited the city of New Orleans for the first time. It’s a city full of culture, a kind of culture unlike any other city in the United States I’ve been to.

This wasn’t a visit for the purpose of photography. I was in town with my girlfriend and her sister to visit their father who has been living outside New Orleans for about a year. Since this was out first time in New Orleans, our time was full of mostly tourist activities, and we were moving fast. There wasn’t enough time for me to keep my photographer hat on, pausing slowly to consider composition and lighting.

Over the course of three days, I took a few hundred photographs, but due to the lack of time to concentrate on the photography, almost all are nothing more than snapshots. There were a few I liked, and they received a nice reception when I shared them on Facebook, so I’m sharing them here as well.

The summer has been busy, although not with photography. I want to focus on events and portraiture, but the opportunities haven’t been there due to other priorities. I have done some nice film portraiture and still life at the Arts Council of Princeton, so I plan to scan those negatives and share them here; they should be good additions to my official portfolio. I also acted as an assistant to my photography teacher for a series featuring the WPRB jazz deejays for a show that will be going up at the Council in September.

Below are some of the best images from New Orleans; a little processed, but only in a way that I think enhances the mood.

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    • Shari Landes
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    • August 24, 2013

    Absolutely beautiful!

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