Nude Portraits: Dana

by Harlan, May 22, 2013

Dana is a beautiful model attending a local university, and she stopped in for a portraiture session with myself and another photographer. Dana typically models for the college’s art classes.

Working with a second photographer intent on getting his own images, it was necessary to share the lighting set-up. We used continuous lighting, and I kept most of the images low key.

Unfortunately, the JPEG compression scheme (used to display digital photographs on computer monitors over the web) does not handle “almost-black” very well. I’ve done my best to minimize some of the compression artifacts, but where there might be jagged lines or dark boxes in the photographs in the online gallery, the original digital images and prints do not suffer from the same kind of quality problem.

Caution: the photographs below contain nudity.

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About digital prints. Chromira prints are produced by a high-quality print shop in the Princeton area. Metal prints and canvas prints are produced in New York City.

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