Princeton University at Night

by Harlan, August 9, 2014

Lately, as I’ve been looking for more opportunities to use my camera but often without a human subject, I’ve been turning to scenery.

Princeton University is a frequent destination. The campus is quite beautiful, and the location is convenient. Despite the threat of Hurricane Arthur, the weather has been pleasant recently — pleasant enough to plan one night walking around with my camera.

A very busy travel schedule has kept me away until last night. Prior to that, my last photo walk through Princeton’s campus was about two months ago. The quiet of campus during a summer night gave me the opportunity to use long exposures and my tripod to get a few great photographs.

The moon was a great sight, but unfortunately, it spent most of the night hidden behind clouds.

Howdydoodat? Long exposures — thirty seconds to two minutes — a tripod, and a remote shutter trigger.

All of the photographs here are available as framed prints (professionally printed by Taylor Photo in Princeton) with free shipping. If you’re interested, just contact me. The JPG format doesn’t handle gradations of dark grey to black very well, so the prints will always look better than what you see on a computer screen for very dark photographs like these.

Note: The above description and the first six photographs below are from July 2014, during a full moon on a cloudy night. During the August 2014 full moon, which happened to be a supermoon, I headed back onto the campus of Princeton University for some more nighttime photography. The sky was clear, and that definitely had a different effect on the photography. The final six photographs in this post are from the August night.

Prints of several of these photographs are available for sale in the shop, but any prints can also be ordered using the form below.

Use the form below to add a photograph to your shopping cart. Be sure to note which photograph you want. Once a photograph is added to your cart, you will return here, and you can add another at that time.

About digital prints. Chromira prints are produced by a high-quality print shop in the Princeton area. Metal prints and canvas prints are produced in New York City.

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