Sedona, Arizona

by Harlan, January 17, 2016

The long weekend presented a good opportunity to spend some time in Arizona, and the weekend itself in Sedona. Athena and I booked a stay at Cedars Resort, located perfectly in town, at a decent rate, and with an amazing view.

On our first full day, we visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross and spent an hour and a half hiking south of Sedona on the Bell Rock and Little Horse trails. Packing light, I took nothing but my Canon 5D Mark III with the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II.

With the new year, I also began participating in the 52 week photography challenge. This week’s challenge is to capture a “traditional landscape” photograph, and I had planned to use the trip to Sedona to fulfill the latest assignment. Follow my 52 week photography challenge here.

There had been some precipitation in Sedona recently. The mountains and rocks had remnants of snow, and the hiking trails were muddy. The air was a bit chilly, but I’d rather be chilly while hiking in Sedona than freezing while outdoors back home in the northeast.

On the second day, we spent most of the photography time at a great location for viewing Sedona’s famous Cathedral Rock. But before that, a walk to the creek by the hotel presented some red bricks that fit perfectly with the week three theme in the 52 week photography challenge.

There were a number of other photographers making their attempts at epic shots of Cathedral Rock as golden hour approached and faded. Without a tripod, without a lens selection, and without a polarizing filter, I was at a disadvantage. I also had no control over the time of the year. I would have preferred greenery over the leafless trees.

The third and final day in Sedona presented us with the opportunity to walk along another trail before heading back to Phoenix, so we chose the Bell Rock trail, giving us close-up views of Bell Rock and Courthouse Rock, technically outside of Sedona, in Yavapai County.

The mid-day, flat lighting was a little bit of a letdown following the prior evening’s golden hour, but we had a schedule to maintain as we headed back to end our weekend trip.

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