Shana’s January Portraiture Session

by Harlan, February 13, 2014

Shana, the Arts Council student who was willing to sit for a portraiture session a few months ago, came back in January for another chance. It was an opportunity for me to take a different approach to lighting than last time. The entire set-up was improved this time around. We were able to use the dance studio, a much larger space. The room still isn’t without its problems; an entire wall is lined with mirrors, and the walls are white. But because the room is so much larger than the space we used in December, there was an opportunity to make better use of the room.

I took advantage of strobes, with one pointing at the black backdrop and one camera right. Although I had originally wanted to work with a white backdrop, I liked where I was going with the black. I had the opportunity to use a white backdrop for a different session with a friend, so that gave me the opportunity to get what I wanted with her.

Using the Toyo 4×5 view camera in this latest session with Shana, I started the session with ten large format sheets. For the first time, I was able to get through all ten without any operational errors. The same can’t be said of all four of the medium format rolls, but I’ll get to that. With the large format, I shot on Ilford Delta 100. I’m considering getting my own view camera. When I first got a good look at the negatives the other day, I was blown away by the quality.

After the ten sheets of 4×5 were spent, I switched to my Mamiya RZ67 to shoot four rolls of medium format film. Again, I chose Ilford Delta 100. Somehow in my haste I loaded one of the rolls incorrectly. I’m not sure how I didn’t catch it, but I ended up wasting an entire roll of ten shots. I was concerned that I lost some great photographs, but I’ll never know. Becaise I managed to really like a total of eleven from the entire session, I’m not dwelling on the loss.

Yesterday, I printed one (the first in the slideshow below) on 11×14 fiber-based warmtone Ilford paper, and it looks incredible. I’ll be framing it as soon as possible. I’ve scanned all the negatives so I can present them here.

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    • Shari Berman Landes
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    • February 13, 2014

    wonderful series!! Shana makes a terrific subject too. I want a print!

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