A Year in My Life: Month One

by Harlan, November 1, 2014

A month ago, I started a person photographic project in order to give myself extra motivation to pick up my camera every single day. The concept of a “365 Project” isn’t new. A few years ago, I tried to take and share one photograph a day for one year, but I didn’t get very far. Having completed just one month this time, I’m much farther along than I was last time when I put the project aside.

So far, my track record has been adequate but not perfect. But having seen Ben Folds offer a presentation about his own photography today, I came away impressed with many things, but most impressive was the idea that even with his busy schedule — touring solo and with a band, producing his own records, taping a television show, and caring for his children — he still found an incredible amount of time to spend in the darkroom.

So picking up my camera every day and finding something relatively interesting should not be a problem for me and my schedule.

Here is the full A Year in My Life series, still in progress. You can otherwise browse the first month (October 2014) below. Many of the photographs were taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark III, but I used the camera on my smartphone, a Samsung Note 3, for a few. I’ve converted everything into black and white, either in Lightroom or in Color Efex Pro, depending on which computer I happened to have with me.

Looking back on October, I see that I’ve had some travel, performed some music, and probably spent too much time in my apartment. I did, however, also have a family portrait session this past weekend, and I’ll be sharing some of those photographs online shortly.



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